Sohtoh is a heritage brand producing contemporary baby moccasins that speak to modern and conscientious parents who value style, design and quality. 

With a modern pared down aesthetic, Sohtoh's contemporary moccasin is timeless and effortless. The leather moccasins are all hand made in Canada. 

Inspiration for Sohtoh came from the label's co-founder's grandparents, who worked tirelessly to produce leather for their handmade footwear, as did their parents before them. Sohtoh is a label that pays tribute to their history and is a living testament to First Nations craftsmanship. Our design inspiration combines California culture and style, as well as vintage family patterns handed down from a grandmother renown for her extraordinary craftsmanship. 

Located in the warehouse district of Saskatoon in a heritage building from early twentieth century, Sohtoh is operated by a husband and wife team whose past experience in design and fashion go hand in hand with their philosophy of less is more.